Exploring Past, Present, and Future Realities

Mystic Manifesto

Indie Mystic aims to foster healthy interdependence through promoting self-directed independence. We believe humanity thrives when people liberate themselves from the shackles of convention to discover the freedom of living in personal alignment. This path of following one’s soul, filled with wishes, hopes, dreams, and visions, isn’t always easy on your own. Questioning our society, redefining what it means to be human, and striving to achieve a more balanced state, even if it means going against the grain, takes determination and effort.

This is a safe space to reflect on the journey of individuation. It is our belief the more people who choose the road of discovering the depths of existence, explore their purpose in life by being led by curiosity and their heart’s callings, and have the courage to follow the path of spirit early in life will create a society of natural alignment. As a community, we encourage the discovery and experimentation of living a radically soulful lifestyle.

The revolution starts within. We all have a role to play in co-creating the world we want to live in. This website is a blending of the abstract philosophy with the concrete connection to physically embody new ways of being in the world. As we learn together, from both our highlights and our mistakes, we are creating a collective body of wisdom that we will be able to draw from to anchor us in this innovative vibration.

At the core of Indie Mystic is a calling for the reclamation of feminine empowerment and spiritual authority. Reuniting with our sovereignty, personal power, and world-wide tribe will create a revolutionary foundation for the expansion of consciousness, culture, and humanity rooted in the union of polarities.


We all have our own paths to walk and no one can tell you the direction to go; only your inner voice can be your guide. As we take inspiration from those who have forged their own path before us and learn to hear the quiet whisperings of our intuition by drawing on the experience of others, we are strengthened for the challenges that lay ahead and become free to create our own destiny.

We are happy to have you walk alongside us, for however long it suits you. We are not here to give you the answers to everything you seek, for it is the mystery of life that makes it worthwhile. Rather, we aim to share, express, celebrate, and cherish our experiences as we seek union with the mystic forces of this incredible world. We find pleasure in the creating our path while balancing embracing the delight of the unknown.