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Founder & Creator

Alanna Kali is a writer, female mystic, social philosopher, and liberation psychologist. Or, more succinctly, she is an Aquarius Sun with a Sagittarius Moon, who has dedicated her life to living the principles of truth, beauty, and freedom to the fullest extent.

She continually aspires to live life in a way that honors her inner knowing. Cancelling plans often because something doesn’t feel right, honing the fluidity of her intuition, she continually seeks to find the balance of magic and mundane and cherishes the enchantment of the world in true animist fashion.

Her greatest joy is living in rhyme with the alignment of the stars and nature’s cycles. By crafting her own freelance lifestyle, she has built a foundation that allows her to express her deepest soul’s desires, while also living in harmony with the movement of energy as it shifts to and fro.

As a skilled observer and analyst, she greatly enjoys bridging the personal with the collective to delve into the realm of shadow, myth, and mystery. This leads her to perpetual re-invention, as she reveals each new layer of her soul.

She is one of the first to obtain an MA of Social Science in the budding field of eco-psychology, which seeks to understand the relationship between the nature and psychology in an integrative way. Bridging disciplines of both science and the humanities, she is open to exploration of the metaphysics of the Universe. Her speciality is merging the fields of astrology and eco-psychology in the context of depth-psychology to facilitate new states of consciousness.

More than anything, Alanna believes in a revolution of spirit. She aims to inspire people to reclaim their sovereignty and re-vision social ties to reflect equality, respect, and reverence for each other and the Earth. She envisions this through a merging of material and spiritual – the cosmos and nature – to discover the soul of humanity via creative revolution.

Her favorite phrase? You do you, boo