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Indie Mystic is a collaborative magazine that seeks to offer new ways of being in the world. We are all about integrating spirituality, social change, and creative expression.


It is clear the structures in place are not longer suited for the humans we are becoming: homo divinicus. Rather than become divided, we seek to find the opposites within to create balance, harmony, and union. Shifting culture is an inside job that requires us to liberate the creative spirit within and embody authenticity in our daily lives. By living in alignment with our essence, we can evolve to become multi-dimensional and dynamic creators. 


By coming into one’s soul, the world naturally expands, or contracts depending on circumstances, to push you to new levels of understanding, awareness, and consciousness. The journey of liberation is unique to everyone; the gathering of wisdom is a sacred service to the collective.


Together, we strive to seek the spiritual knowing that goes beyond reason, for this is what we will re-construct our lives upon to come back into natural harmony and alignment with the natural and spiritual world.


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